Thursday, May 10, 2007

Bits of New Mexico

Just look at that face, would you? Who could deny that adorable face? This is Azul, the llama (or "yama" if you want to pronounce it correctly in Spanish, which the people of New Mexico do) who trekked with me down the Rio Grande gorge. His name is Azul because he has one blue eye, which is clearly evident in this picture, and one brown. He is courtesy of Llama Adventures based out of Taos. We took a day hike, down into the gorge, on a day that could not have been more beautiful, contrary to weather for the rest of vacation. We had a fabulous time. Llamas are extremely gentle critters, and very llovable. ha! He took me to see this:

Real, genuine, ancient pictographs. These are big horn sheep, which I believe are no longer native to the area. Needless to say, it was a super cool experience, and if you're even in Taos (or Santa Fe. Or New Mexico in general) I highly recommend putting out the dough to take this hike. Next time, I'm going for the multi-day.

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