Friday, May 18, 2007

In which our heroine is distracted

The back of Thermal is finished. It was a lot more work than I was expecting, because you do the thermal stitch starting on the wrong side, so the "bump" rows are purled instead of knitted, making it a longer process. I started the left front yesterday evening but in all the excitement of the Ugly Betty season finale and the Grey's Anatomy season finale, I screwed up. Can you blame me? Lexie Grey?! Priceless! So, I had to frog a couple of inches and I decided that maybe I should watch the TV or knit, not both. TV won.

In other news, I'm wearing the Ballet Camisole for the first time today, and my reservations about size are confirmed. It's now officially almost too big - and it's growing as I wear it, so things are just getting bigger. It's not that I can't wear it. It's just bigger than I'd like, and when you're wearing something with a low front, too big means gappy providing more opportunties for inadvertantly displaying your... goods... for the whole world.

I think this is happened because a) I didn't choose the right size and b) because of the gauge. I had to use a bigger needle size than I'd have liked to get the correct gauge, which means there's just more expansion of the garment. If I were to knit it again (and I would, because it was a fun knit, the shaping is great, and the yarn washes like a dream) I would use a needle one size smaller and knit the next smaller size.

But really, can you beat a machine washable and dryable knit? Didn't think so.

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