Thursday, June 28, 2007

Ahead of the game

You might think that with nothing but time on my hands, sitting in front of the TV, waiting for the itch to stop I'd be getting a lot of knitting done. Um, well, yes and no.

I did finish the Retro Redux shrug, but I had everything but the ribbed edging done before I broke out in hives. I don't have any pictures yet. Maybe tomorrow....

But once I broke out in hives, it wasn't long before they covered the palms of my hands, my fingers, everything (not to mention the bottoms of my feet). Yeah, they itched, but more than that, they hurt. My skin was 100 percent freaking out, and it hurt to just flex my fingers much less to pick things up (or, heaven forbid, open a bottle of ginger ale to help with the nausea). Still, managed to knit. Because, frankly, if I hadn't they'd have had to lock my in a looney bin. And somehow, the hurt was a good distraction. If it hurt, it didn't itch.

So I present to you, Nancy Bush's Gentlemen's Shooting Socks:

Those needles? Size 0. My dad's feet? Size 12. Plus, these socks are meant for Christmas. I think I deserve major kudos.

Don't hate me because I've started my Christmas knitting!

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