Tuesday, August 21, 2007

FO: Thermal

Well, I'm all moved... mostly. Let's just say that I'm here, I'm registered for classes, I'm studying my butt off for my entrance exam on Thursday, and I'm practicing hard for my auditions on Thursday and Friday. The rest is just frosting.

Speaking of frosting... or not... here's Thermal!

Love, love, love the fit. The sleeves really are the same length, in spite of what you might assume based on this pic and my whining. I promise.

The one thing I would have changed would be to make the armholes shallower. There's a kind of bat-wing thing happening.

See? But it's also not blocked yet.

Thermal by Laura Chau
Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss in Woodland Sage
Needles: US 3
Modifications: Added 2 inches to the length. Haha, can you imagine what it would look like if I'd made it 2 inches shorter? It's barely long enough now. Would maybe add another inch next time. Decided against making buttonholes for the buttons since they aren't buttons anyone would actually use anyway, plus I wanted to minimize any pulling at the placket. I just sewed them through both layers.

And, hey, I've got 2 3/4 skeins left. Socks, I'm thinking. I've also got about 3/4 of a skein of the burgundy left from my mom's Christmas socks last year (before I had the blog.) So, I don't know, stripes or colorwork or something. Mittens might work, but I'm not sure a silk blend is really the ideal thing for mittens...

Moving right ahead, here's Dashing for my brother, just missing a thumb off the left mit. You know, I just typed "mit" and it makes perfect sense when I say it, but no sense when I type it. I mean mit, like as in one mitten. "Hey guys, do you know what happened to my other mit? I just have the one." I'm really not sure that's a word. Maybe it's "mitt?"

And I got my shipment from Webs.
I thought the black was dark heathered grey when I bought it, but oh well. Black will work just as well for my $1.50 Cardigan. I'm dying to swatch but my patterns are in a box that's still out in my car, and besides, I really should finish Dashing. And yet....


Kara said...

Thermal looks fab! I love how it fits. This is one of those sweaters I have yet to see a bad version of.

Awesome job!

Lolly said...

How perfect! it looks super great on you! Enjoy it!