Friday, September 28, 2007

FO: Rib and Cable Socks

Remember how I said last week was pretty rough, and I was going to get to a more regular posting schedule this week? Um, I kind of forgot that when you have one really hellish week (followed by another only slightly less hellish one) there are generally a whole lot of things that you let slip which are suddenly about to fall into the looming abyss. There are others who are also feeling the pressure of being back in school. I'm still knitting, just not blogging. It's hard to get pictures of your knits when you leave before the sun comes up and don't get back until after the sun goes down! I may have to invest in a set up like Lolly's.

And actually, I haven't been knitting as much as usual, because I've been having some hand problems. A clarinetist always has problems with the right hand - we support the entire weight of the instrument (about 3 pounds) on the end of our thumb, not to mention the physical act of moving our fingers. Things like playing the contra bass (the action of which is stiffer than a regular clarinet), lots of extra rehearsals (three concerts in the last two weeks, plus all the dress rehearsals), and all the little daily things you don't think about until it hurts, like opening doors, and lifting groceries, and even gripping the steering wheel. I'm taking a bit of time off this weekend, so hopefully I'll heal.

Anyway, I finished mom's socks!

Rib and Cable Socks
By Nancy Bush: IK Fall 2005
Mountain Colors Bearfoot in Rosehip
Needles: US1

You can't really see the cables until you put the socks on, and then they're subtle and gorgeous. That's my hand in that sock. I'd have put them on for you, but my mom wears a size 6 1/2 and I wear a size 9, so that really wasn't an option. The yarn is incredible. I've got a bunch left over, too, from this and from Sarah's Jaywalkers. Anybody know what to do with one sock's worth of red and one sock's worth of blue-green? I'm thinking I might just go with Dobby socks. Or, wait until I've made socks out of the Bearfoot I'm saving for myself and then I'll have red, blue-green, and purple. Which still leaves me nowhere...

Rusted Root is chugging along. I'll be past the armholes tonight, and then probably racing to the finish. At this point it seems like every row takes forever because there are so many stitches! Dollar and a Half and I are taking a little break, just until I finish Rusted Root.

I'm going camping with the family this weekend, so hopefully there will be some great pictures to see next week!

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