Wednesday, February 6, 2008

IFO Meter

I read an article last week on auditioning that mentioned a concept I particularly liked. The author suggested that when practicing a particularly difficult passage that we constantly check our IFO meter, or Internal Freak Out Meter. The idea is, if you go slow enough and practice without ever making a mistake with your IFO meter at 1 (meaning the lowest setting) and as you increase the tempo making sure to keep your IFO meter at 1, then you can never play the passage wrong and you will always be calm and relaxed. I thought that this concept of an Internal Freak Out Meter was great. I think we should be checking our IFO meters daily. Hourly, when you week is going like mine is. In case you're wondering, my IFO meter is at about a 7. I'm trying hard to work that down.

Anyway, this made my day yesterday:

I'm apparently a bit late to the no knead bread party, but seriously, if you haven't gotten an invitation yet, allow me to personally invite you. It is a testament to the idiot-proof-ness of this recipe that I managed it make it with my IFO meter at 7. The only thing is, make sure the yeast is instant (sometimes called "fast-rise" or "rapid-rise" or "bread machine." The ingredients on the yeast will list things other than just yeast, so make sure you check.)

Also, I finished some presents. A hat for my brother's girlfriend:

Pattern: Hat from Paton's Cables booklet

Yarn: Paton's Classic Merino in Olive left over from Aran Accent

Needles: US 7 and US 8 circ

And a hat for my brother, as promised. The outside:

And the inside:
Pattern: My own based on EZ's Very Warm Hat

Yarn: Unknown Hemp/Wool blend from a hippie store in Santa Fe

Needles: US 6 and US 8 circ

The stranded side is slightly tighter than the outside, even though I knit that portion in US 8. This means it fits nicely with the pretty part on the inside, and a little weird with it on the outside. I hope my brother finds it acceptable.

So, I need to try and lower my IFO meter. I'm at the point where I'm freaking out so much that the fact that my apartment needs cleaning is a real obstacle to my productiveness. I think I will clean something now.

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Kim said...

MY IFO meter is about an 8 today. I really should focus on lowering the IFO meter. Glad your bread turned out. One blogger (I forget who) tried the no-knead bread and it was a disaster. She used the wrong yeast though. Love the hats, BTW.