Monday, October 27, 2008


Lately, my world has gone all catawampus. Catawampus is a deliciously fun word for what has been a decidedly un-fun fall. Everything that can fall apart seems to be doing so, all at once. In fact, one reason I’ve been so delinquent around here is that my cable and internet went out without warning two weeks ago. That is a story I don’t need to rehash for you, because I’ll just get upset again, but let’s suffice to say that my cable was mistakenly disconnected by Comcast and it took countless customer service calls, five scheduled service appointments (2 of which no one showed up to), two weeks, and more waiting that I have patience for when I’m not massively stressed out to restore my ability to check my email from the comfort of my own apartment. Not to mention the episodes of Pushing Daisies that I’ve missed (not that I had time to watch them at the time, or even now to catch up on them…) My car had a little issue that has now been solved, but not before royaly screwing up plans for transportation to a conference in Chicago. Not too mention those little student-y things like papers, presentations, midterms, projects, and let's not forget concerts.

And Anais, which I got this far, has to be frogged. You plan and measure and calculate and pray, and then the stupid thing comes out too big. And here I was thinking that stockinette in the round was completely within my mental faculties.

Not only is it too big, but it's also too short, which I can see now that it's off the needles. I'm reknitting it in the next smallest size. P.S. This pic is NOT an accurate representation of the color.

I also started a pair of socks for my brother's fiancee. Now that she's going to be part of the family, she won't be able to escape handknits any more. So I stared Azure, which is a lovely pattern, but it required me to knit on two circulars, which I haven't done, so I was doing it on dpns. It turned out to be a lot more work that I was willing to do. They really are meant to be done on circulars, and even though it can be done on dpns, I don't recommend it. Another thing frogged. I'm now on making the Waving Lace socks from Favorite Socks which I inherited from my aunt who has abandoned knitting for beading. They are much more my speed. That is, fast. And simple. With a familiar construction.

And the next thing to hit the needles (as soon as I'm past the ribbing on Anais again so I can use the needles) is my dad's vest. I swatched last night, and it's really going to be sharp, but I'm a little concerned about sizing (since I haven't been doing so well in that department lately). I'm going to have to do some extensive modifications to the pattern, plus I lost the measurements I made months ago. They were last seen stuck in the book with the pattern, and now they're MIA. I'm going to have to enlist my mom to measure again if I have any hope of finishing this by Christmas. A vest for a man with a 48 inch chest on size 3 needles is no joking matter. I'd better get on that....

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