Sunday, November 2, 2008


This is my first NaKniSweMo. But what better time to jump on a bandwagon when I've got this sweater to knit before Christmas? Might as well leave myself a little breathing room and finish it in November, right?

Here it is. I'm going to call it Dad's Very Classy Vest even though I'm borrowing heavily from Jo Sharp 3. I've had to do (and will continue to do) much, much mathing and I've added shaping, ribbing, and a v-neck to meet my Dad's specifications. So I think it deserves its own name. I swatched, washed, and blocked (which, frankly is much more effort than I usually put in) last week, but I held off casting on until last night so it could be official. Yep, just me, my knitting, and Baby Mama which I highly recommend. Very entertaining, and not quite as crazy and out there as the previews would have you to believe.
Now the trick is to balance out my work on the Vest with Anais, which is cranking along and which I'm also hoping to finish this month to wear for my birthday. Two sweaters in November? Sure. Why not?

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