Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Did I forget to mention?

I did a little knitting while away this summer. I'm calling this the Box Office Shawl, because it was knit almost in its entirety while answering phones in the Box Office. I needed a little something to do while waiting for the phones to ring, and not having the ability to go full-on sweater (the lack of needle choice, for one thing) I knit my first ever shawl, since sizing isn't really an issue.

Pattern: Matilda by Kate Blackburn
Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Lace in #2020, 1 skein
Needles: US 5
Mods: I think I did only about 8 repeats of the diamond pattern, and I only did about half of the edging chart. As a result, my shawl is smaller than the pattern, and the edging points are less pointy. I did this because I wanted to use as much of one skein of yarn as possible, and I just made it.
When I first started this shawl, I wasn't in love with how open the fabric was. If I'd had a full selection of needles, I probably would have gone down to a US3 and used 2 skeins. After blocking, it's a very airy shawl, and will probably be nice for the transition seasons. Since it's alpaca, it is still warm.

I wasn't sure I was going to keep this shawl for me. This is very much my mom's color, and to be honest, I'm not sure how much use I have for a shawl, but I after taking these pictures, I'm going to keep it for a little while anyway. It would be a nice date-night kind of thing, if I ever got asked on a date. I'm holding out hope.
Two mini celebrations: I got my hair cut, and I bought a tripod (finally!) I love the cut. It really suits my hair and my lifestyle. It's quite a bit shorter all over than I've had it recently, not just from top to bottom. I have a very stubby ponytail, but I love it too much to care. And the tripod! What took me so long? These pics were the first with the tripod, and I'm not saying that things are initially easier, but they sure are more fun! And I no longer have to worry about my camera shifting or falling when I make a 10 second timer dash.

Not pictured: the swarm of moquitos who descended upon me as soon as I set foot outside. There aren't many mosquitos in Colorado. Just sayin'.

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Kara said...

Fabulous shawl and haircut. You look stunning!