Saturday, January 16, 2010

Come on over

It's pizza night Chez DoubleG. Wanna come over for dinner? There's plenty.

We can't really sit at the table because it looks like this, but that's ok, because I was thinking that we should watch a movie with our pizza. How about Casino Royale? Or we could do 27 Dresses instead, if you're feeling girly. I'm thinking beer with Casino Royale and salad with 27 Dresses. What do you think?

I'll be working on Demi for sure, which is looking pretty ok. I majorly miscrossed a cable (the wavy one on the far left) and had to tink back a really long way last night. This wouldn't have been so annoying except that I miscrossed the exact same cable in the exact same spot on the back. It still looks a little wonky, but that's what blocking is for, right?

Danielle gave me that apron, and I love, love, love it. I've never had an apron before, but I possess unique powers for wearing black on bread-baking days and for getting flour everywhere. Now I can get flour on my apron, and it's a badge of honor, not shame. Danielle tells me that she has been stalking my blog. Maybe we can lure her out by being friendly. Let's all say "Hi!" to Danielle! (Hi, Danielle!)

The pizza dough recipe is this one, recommended by Leya. I'm doing it with half whole wheat pastry flour, because I'm healthy like that. It negates the cheese, right?


shandy said...

Loved reading your posts. I really felt for you in that account of subbing Yr " classes.

Kara said...

I'll be right over! Demi is looking so good. I am sure any wonkiness will come out in blocking.

danielle said...

Haha, I'm a confirmed stalker!Sweet!
I'm bummed I missed pizza night. We should make pizza together some time and you can show me some tricks. I am terrible at pizza crust.
I'm glad you like your apron :)