Saturday, May 8, 2010

I have a problem

I can't stop making crobots. These are from Crobot: 20 Amigurumi Robots to Make by Nelly Pailloux. I saw some that Minty made a while back and fell in love. I was afraid that my rudimentary crochet skills (previously limited to square, single crocheted potholders when I was about 10) would mean that these little guys would be a huge challenge. Actually, they were super easy. There are great directions in the front of the book for increasing and decreasing, the only two skills other than single crochet that I have had to learn so far. And, I think it goes without saying that they are completely addictive.
This one is inspired specifically by Minty's creations. She has a little heart sewn on with embroidery thread and since I was sewing, I added some seed beads. The arms are made from beads with little "hands" made out of a cluster of three seed beads. I put three pin backs on her head because, well, why not, and her feet are made from flat-head screws. She stands on her own on a flat surface. Her ears are made from two sets of safety pins, one slightly smaller than the other for some extra bling.
Alienbot is a little lopsided all over - his fuel meter skews a little to the left and his head console a little to the right, but he just might be my favorite. You can't really see the silver thread on the lavender yarn, unfortunately.
The Thinker. This one reminds me a little of Yoda.
And this one is going to live with my mom as part of her Mother's Day present. I think he will be perfect on her desk at work as her "fix-it" muse. She does a lot of running around and fixing things.

I have plans to make a few more. What is a word that means more than obsessed? These little guys crochet up very quickly. The embellishments and sewing all the parts on take longer. In the past, this fiddly stuff has been very bothersome to me, but somehow this is exactly what I need right now. Plus they are so darn cute! Last Creative Night I demanded that everyone admire each little sequin and bead as I sewed them on and coo along with me.

"Hi. My name is Meg, and I have a crobot problem."

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Kara said...

If this is a problem, don't get it fixed. They are so cute!