Saturday, July 31, 2010


Well, I'm moved. All my stuff has been packed, transported, and unpacked. I've started to find out the best places to run and shop and park. It's a process. I have to keep making a point to be brave, to try it out, and if it doesn't work to try something else. I can tend to get stuck or be fearful of new things when I liked the old ones just fine. That's no way to live, but it does take conscious effort on my part sometimes.

I went down to the Farmers Market today, which was fun, even if parking was a nightmare. Next time, I'd like to take my bike. This is no small feat since I have to cross a highway to get there, but I think I've found an acceptable place which does not involve navigating on- and off-ramps. A peck of peaches came home with me. That's a lot of peaches. But since these were seconds, they cost only one dollar more than half as many "perfect" peaches. They're going to become Peach Cardamom Jam later today. Browse around that link a bit, would you? It's completely gorgeous. The rest will get devoured or frozen for smoothies.

Things I'm loving:

- Fables. I've been trying to get on the graphic novel bandwagon for a while. It seems like it should be a perfect fit since I love comic strips, but this is the first I've found that I have enjoyed. Other suggestions?

- I made this a few weeks ago with golden zucchini. Delish and super easy. I'm making another today, and this time I'm going to have fun arranging slices of green and gold baby zucchini. My thyme has gone bonkers, so I'm looking for new ways to use it.

- Huge. I'm kind of addicted to this show. I love, love, love, the way it really and truly portrays the trials and tribulations of being a teenager in a summer camp setting. As a former camper of many years and a camp counselor, too, I can remember what it was like without having to share a bathroom.

- Also, about summer camp, I'm thinking about care packages and the thrill of getting mail. I have a friend away at a festival, and I'm betting the thrill doesn't wear off even if we are decidedly not camp-going age.

- Speaking of books, Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen is the most enjoyable, addicting, perfect for me book I've read in a long while. Everyday magic, cooking, romance, and reality.

- I'll be making a set of these for my place. That is, as soon as I find some affordable wool felt. See above about exploring....


Dr. Jen said...

What kind of things do you like to read? I love graphic novels, but tend to read a lot of science fiction/fantasy. Something that is less science fiction is Maus: A Survivor's Tale by Spiegelman.

shandy said...

Love that canning site. I've printed off a batch of labels - thanks for the link.