Thursday, February 22, 2007

There just this one thing...

The tam is off the needles! Which would be exciting except for this one thing.... Well, first, let's take a moment to properly appreciate faire isle knitting. I mean, it really came out spiffy even though it bares only a passing resemblance to the tam I wanted to make in the first place. From the side:

From the top:

And now that we have properly appreciated, let us move on to that one tiny little, baby little detail. I have a gigantic head. Which, incidently, I knew.

I knew I had a gigantic head. I measured it, knowing that the patterns were for a 21 inch head. I have a 22 3/4 inch head. And, see, the thing about having a giant head is that no amount of going the the gym is going to fix that. If you have a gigantic butt, you can do something to help that problem. Sure, it's probably always going to be big in relation to the rest of you, but improvements can be made. Not so much with a gigantic head. There were all kinds of ways to customize your tam in this book, and the first and easiest alteration addressed was that of head size. Super easy. Just multiply head size in inches by gauge, then divide by .80, knit up in 2x2 rib, increase to the appropriate number of stitches, and continue on your merry tam way.

And because I knew my head was gigantic, I took the time to figure out what the circumfrence of the tam was supposed to be, just so I knew whether or not it would be tam-y on my gigantic head. Two thumbs up. Signs say yes.

And in the end, I have a beautiful stocking cap with an unusual (and slightly flat) top.


I'll probably wear it. I like hats. And isn't that sad for a person with a gigantic head?

But it's going to take me a really long time to weave in all those ends.

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