Thursday, April 12, 2007


Lots and lots of excuses for why I haven't been knitting.

Recital, grad school, mom's week o' birthday, Easter, and traveling... It's been crazy around here, and it's only going to get crazier, at least until we get past the recital. 10 days, only 10 days left until I get up in front of a church full of people and prove to everyone that I haven't been wasting my life. Here's hoping that I don't embarrass myself.... at least in a musical way. Tripping on my heels is still an acceptable way to embarrass myself while not reflecting on my life.

Oh, and let's also hope that it warms up around here, so we don't have to worry about that pesky little detail of heating the church which the secretary mentioned might be a problem.

So as far as knitting goes both Ms. Marigold and the Ballet Camisole are growing, but slowly. No pictures to post because there's really nothing to see, just lots of stockinette.

I'm heading to Kalamazoo tomorrow to visit my brother, and I hear there's a yarn shop to visit. There's true brotherly love. Not only did he notice there was a yarn shop, but he told me about it, and is now obligated to take me there. Where I will immediately collapse into a pile of reverence. I haven't been in an actual yarn shop since I was living in Ithaca. I'm super excited.

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