Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mmm... new socks

Thick Woods(wo)man's Socks
Pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann
Knitting Around
Yarn: Knit Picks Shamrock in Dougherty (about 3 balls, I think)
Needles: US6
Modifications: Went down two needle sizes to change the pattern from a men's sock to a woman's. Also changed the length of the cuff and foot obviously. Omitted garter stitch edging on heel flap in favor of slip stich edging.

I finally managed to finish these socks. I had one whole one plus the cuff of the second done for months. It's been staring at me in an accusatory way, demanding that I finish it just in time for... spring. The nice thing about knitting socks on size 6 is that I knocked off the whole heel and foot in one evening. These are lovely, thick socks for lounging around on a Saturday or wearing in delightful combination with my purple Crocs. I was trying to use up the extra from knitting socks for the guys at Christmas, but I still have a significant amount left.

Here's a peek at my Ballet Camisole. It's quite nice to knit - lots of easy stockinette with shaping to keep it interesting. I'm starting the shaping for the bust.

And tonight? Swatching for my next pair of socks with the new Kalamazoo yarn.

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