Monday, April 16, 2007


It would be a fantastic day if it weren't so windy - one of the first sunny days we've had in a while. I hear it's worse out East. I'm feeling hard core for those marathoners in Boston. Not only do they have to run one of the most difficult marathons (including the infamous Heartbreak Hill) but now they have to do it in some wicked wind. I managed (barely) to catch a picture of one of our daffodils, which somehow survived two weeks of snow. I love daffodils. They are my favorite flower. Anyone know what that says about me? I don't know my flower meanings. Let me tell you though, it was no easy feat to get a pic in this wind.

It's been kind of a crappy day. I saw the sun this morning and decided to go for my first outdoor run of the spring. Then I listened to the way the wind was whipping around the house, and I thought better of it. I had no desire to have the skin ripped from my body a la Jean Grey and Wolverine in X-Men 3. And the day spiralled downwards from there.

Went to Michael's to get a US5 29" circular (because I finished the body for Ms. Marigold) but they didn't have any. The didn't have any the last time I went, nor did the LYS in Kalamazoo this weekend. It's very possible that I'm not going to be finished with Ms. Marigold for a while, since apparently US5 circulars are really hard to find. (Speaking of Ms. Marigold, it fits better this time, but as predicted, it's not significantly larger than before, though I went up 2 sizes.)

The best part of today is that I got the last part of my shipment from Classic Knits by Erika Knight. Just look at the gorgeous picture of the Deep V Sweater on the front - immediately I want to knit that sweater. Well, that and the fact that Gabriella is (or was) making one now. I think I'm even going to spring for the Debbie Bliss Cathay after her rave reviews. I'm also loving the Silk Shrug and the Classic Turtleneck Sweater.

Now, I've heard there's been some problems with errata in the patterns - particularly with the camisole - so I'm going to have to be on the lookout. Plus, there aren't any schematics for the patterns, which is annoying, and it makes the patterns harder to understand. I just have to decide which size I'm going to knit and order the yarn!

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