Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Good bye, and thanks for all the questions....

Dear Caroline,

Tomorrow you leave to go back to Indonesia. You've been a model exchange student, not afraid of trying anything once (including going to a Ducks Unlimited dinner and a Planning Commission meeting with my dad, a feat that none of his actual children have survived intact), and throwing yourself into two sports you've competed in before - swimming and track. You asked a thousand questions an hour, most of which were extremely hard to answer (Why is an apple round? It just is.) but most people don't ask enough questions in my opinion.

I'm glad you were here, and I hope that you come back to visit. And because I know that you won't do anything but look at the red mittens I knit you for your birthday when you're back in Indonesia, I spent a chunk of yesterday designing and knitting these for you:

Hang them from your mirror and remember winter. I will remember how you would try to leave the house in the middle of a snow storm wearing nothing but a fleece. Thank godness we were looking out for you, because we'd have sent you home with frost bite otherwise.

We'll miss you.

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ithaca_chick said...

Those are so friggin cute!!