Sunday, September 16, 2007

Blocking Block

Somehow I just can't bring myself to do it yet. I've got both fronts and the back done on Dollar and a Half, and I keep finding excuses not to block it. I have to vacuum the carpet first, I say to myself, even though I'll block it on a sheet. I don't have a clean sheet. This, actually, is true. I don't have enough room. This also is true. Well, sort of true. My apartment, while not small, is not large either, and I don't have a really good out-of-the-way place to block.

So what's the hold up? The fact is, it's only going to get harder to block. I mean, when I get the sleeves done, the blocking the whole sweater at once is going to take up all of my free space for a couple of days instead of most of my free space.

Maybe I'm just losing interest in the $1.50. I mean, I want it. I like it. I like the yarn. I will wear it (provided it looks as good as I hope it does). But suddenly, I'm super anxious for my Knit Picks shipment to come in with yarn for Rusted Root. I'm contemplating starting the Deep V sweater. I'm cruising along on mom's Rib and Cable socks. I'm avoiding blocking.

And, I'm baking bread.

This is the first bread I've baked in my new apartment, due to an unfortunate incident involving a buckeye, a lawn maintenance guy, and some missing skin from the palm of my hand. (I was running and not paying attention, and stepped on a buckeye with the hull still on, twisting my ankle and launching myself face first at the ground and ripping some significant skin off the palm of my left hand while a lawn maintenance guy looked on. It was hot.) My apartment smells fantastic, and the bread is awesome. I've made this recipe before, but this is by far the best it's ever come out. Probably because I did a little tweaking of the recipe. Sweet and chewy and yeasty....
No high fructose corn syrup in this bread. It's going to make some incredible toast and PB&Js. Next up on the bread front - making my own sourdough starter!

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