Wednesday, September 12, 2007

It's fall alright

It's cold. Well, relatively. I realize we have a long ways to go yet before I can really call it cold outside. But when I went for a run this morning, it was definitely nippy. The wind was skittering leaves across the pavement, and crab apples littered the sidewalk. I wore jeans to school yesterday, and my school is not air-conditioned (speaking of which, what is up with that?) I love it. I love the bite in the air and the skittering leaves. I love the fallen crab apples and the way the squirrels are completely freaking out.

I love Fall.

Yummy vegetable stew

Things I don't love about fall are head colds. Yep, I think we can pretty much agree that while sweaters rock, head colds suck. I suppose that's the inevitable conclusion when you're sharing a contrabass clarinet with lord only knows how many people and you take public transportation on a daily basis. (The contrabass clarinet? Really big, really low. It's taller than me (I'm 5'5") and the reed is like a hunk of tree branch. Also, they may be the spawn of satan.) So while I'd love to be outside, inhaling the cool breeze and going out of my way to step on a cruchy looking leaf, instead all I want to do is lie on my couch, watch TV, and sleep. That's so not going to happen. There's this little thing called school...

I started my mom's Christmas socks, which means I'm almost finished with my Christmas knitting. Yes, I'm bragging a little. While all the rest of you are frantically trying to find enough hours in the day to finish everything you planned on making for Christmas, I'll be ever so cooly knitting along on some no-pressure, non-Christmas related project. Let this be your official kick in the pants to get going already!

Rib and Cable Socks by Nancy Bush from IK Fall 2005. Mountain Colors Barefoot in Rosehip

Dollar and a Half Cardigan is still in progress. Back and right front done. Half done on left front. No blocking yet. Snot filling head, must lie down.

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Heidi said...

I hope you enjoy your nippy weather! On the news yesterday, the weatherwoman asked "How much longer will this fall weather last?" and I was greatly confused because it was 90 degrees. But then I remembered I live in Florida and 90 degrees during the day is fall weather if it gets to be 70 degrees at night instead on the usual 80. Just so you know, 90 degrees days with thunderstorms every day does not an autumn make.
love you. have a good week!