Saturday, September 1, 2007


I finished the back of the Dollar and a Half Cardigan. I'm please with the way it's looking. I've been having doubts all week about the size. A sampling of thoughts running through my head: Did I choose I size too big? But the next smallest size would definitely be too small. It's the size on the model, and I REALLY don't look like the model. But what about all that stuff on Knitting Daily about sizing? So if that's the size the model is wearing, I guess there should be some ease to make it look best, so maybe this is ok with the smaller needles... but I could frog it and go down one MORE needle size....

Off the needles it looks much more the right size (pre-blocking) so that's the good news. I'll block it at the beginning of next week. I'd block it now, but Sarah is coming to visit me! I'm super excited. She should be here in a hour or so, and that means I'm going to need all of my floor space.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend! I'm going to be hiking, and laughing, and movie watching, and wine drinking, and laughing, and interior decorating, and laughing, and shopping. Sounds like a fantastic weekend to me!

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