Sunday, November 18, 2007


Miniature Mittens in Norwegian Rose Pattern
from Folk Mittens by Marcia Lewandowski
Yarn: Bits of Knit Picks Gloss
Needles: US 1
Mods: Opted not to make a finger-knitted cord and just tied together the cast-on strings instead

These little babies are just too cute to pass up. I whipped them up while catching up on my missed TV shows this week (Pushing Daisies, Ugly Betty, and Grey's Anatomy, I'm looking at you.) They took a bit longer than anticipated because I haven't done any stranded knitting in a while, especially something so tiny, but I'm back in the swing. These are not the free pattern I posted on the sidebar. The reason that free pattern came to be was because I was looking for this book in my rather large personal library and I couldn't find it! I'm planning on making more of these for the holidays to give as little gifts. These are decidedly Christmas-y but I have some other yarn lying around which will make them holiday-neutral.

I'm a posting machine this weekend!

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Lolly said...

They are so tiny and perfect! wow!