Monday, November 26, 2007

The view from my window

Snow. Real snow this afternoon. The kind of wet, slushy snow that makes you want to curl up in your apartment with a blanket and a book and some tea and listen to the snow fall. Alas, I trudged on to campus and arrived mightly wet only to find that my pianist did not come to rehearsal, so I trudged back out again and strapped myself to my computer to continue working on a term paper.

But tonight I'm decorating my apartment. Which will probably take all of 20 minutes since my Christmas tree is about 18 inches high. But I have some other holiday goodies to spread around all courtesty of my Gramma. The most recent addition are some holiday placemats for my dining table. Nevermind that I don't actually use my dining table (a currently useless birthday present from last year.) As a single person eating alone without anyone to talk to over dinner, I usually eat on the couch. Don't tell my dad. He'd be horrified.

I finished the front of my Aran Accent Vest. It's so pretty! I can't wait to finish the back. It's a quite entertaining knit. I had a few false starts and miscrossed cables, but all the ripping back was worth it. It looks a little bit small right now. I'm knitting the Medium size (the measurements for which I don't currently have in front of me) on slightly smaller needles, so the current measurements are probably about 36". Now, I would NEVER wear a meduim in real life, but after casting on for the large and doing some highly scientific eyeballing, I decided that medium was the way to go. I also read on Ravelry that the one person who has managed to finish this suggests knitting it small. It's very stretchy, so it will be easy to block out slightly and will no doubt grow with wear.

It should all work out in the end. I think. I hope.

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