Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Project Spectrum: Earth

Ok, the real truth is that I finished these last week, while still in the Fire element of Project Spectrum. But I'm blogging them now, so I'm counting them towards my Earth quota. And as Lolly said, there are no deadlines for this, which makes it just the no-pressure kind of thing I need right now. Pattern: Evangeline Mitts by Michelle Szeghalmi
Yarn: Berrocco Ultra Alpaca in Peat Mix (leftovers from Gretel)
Needles: US 7
Mods: Added an extra pattern repeat before the thumb to lengthen them. Total 4 repeats. Also, didn't do the thumb as directed. Instead, I knit the four stitches to be held for the thumb on a bit of waste yarn, slid those stitches back to the left needle and knit them again with the main yarn, continuing on as usual. Then, just unstitched the waste yarn and picked up the proper number of stitches to complete the thumb.

I am completely in love with these mitts. My love of Ultra Alpaca is well documented, but equal to that love is my love of this cable pattern. Unfortunately, lighting being what it is, and my photography skills being what they are, I was not able to get a really good shot of the cable pattern or the color. The color is very much an evergreen kind of heather. Not spring-y per se, but green and conviently located in my stash. I think I even have enough yarn left to make another pair to gift. How nice! You may wish to look at the pattern or this version for a better look at the cabling.

Love, love, love!

Can you tell from this pic that my poor hands are tired and in need of some Ultra Alpaca love? I have a half recital coming up next Friday, and things are certainly cracking along this semester. Hang in there, hands. You can do it!


ithaca_chick said...

Those are awesome! Good luck on the recital!!!!

Kara said...

What a perfect use for those leftovers. They are so darling! And if you wear them with Gretel, you have a set!