Friday, May 30, 2008

Full Disclosure... mostly

It's seriously hard to keep up, people. Yarn and patterns have just been a-jumping into my hands and on to my credit card lately. I promised full disclosure, but it's not entirely possible. You see, some of the yarn I've bought is already perilously close to being a garment!

Ok, so in Ithaca, I went to the Homespun Boutique, the only yarn store I have ever regularly patronized. I'm more of an online buyer myself - I get most of my yarn on sale. I particularly love Webs' end of the year clearance sale. I tend to stock up for the year, then knit the stuff up unless I get taken in by a pattern. Sock yarn, though, I like to actually see first. I'm a big fan of the Brown Sheep Nature Spun Sport. Very affordable, wide range of colors, good yardage.That's what all the yarn here is. I also purchased the most recent Interweave (I've got to get myself a subscription to that), Knitting without Tears by EZ, and Jo Sharp Knit Issue 3, which has some great patterns for both men and women, along with a lot of variations on the same idea.

Then, my friend D took me to Threadbear for the first time ever last Saturday. I fell hard for the Man's Vest in the Classic Elite Summer booklet and purchased enough Four Seasons to make my size. I'm already halfway through the back. Crazy! Oh, and a little splurge on some high quality sock yarn. That's Dream in Color Smooshy in Butter Peeps.
As if that weren't enough on the needles, I started a sock (the one based on the loon in Knitting on the Road) which I'm sadly going to have to frog because I was trying to use up loose ends of yarn, and there aren't going to be enough ends to make two socks. I have about 1/3 of the back of the Deep V Sweater from Classic Knits by Erika Knight sitting in my knitting basket (ended up frogging the Saddle Shoulder sweater), plus a little baby sweater in a deep, deep blue for a "nephew" which is also about 1/3 done. I'm not usually a multiple knitter, but somehow I caught a massive case of startitis these past 2 weeks. Probably because I'm going to be in a bit of a knitting drought this summer at Aspen. There aren't enough hours in the day or room in my suitcase to plan anything specific for that.

And, as if that weren't enough, I bought fabric for a Built by Wendy dress (Simplicity 3835), which I'm hoping to start this weekend. A nice green shirting that looks like chambray, plus some buttons to punch it up a little. So excited!

I also may or may not have purchased the Nora Gaughan vol. 1 booklet with the yarn for the baby sweater. That's it! Enough buying of the yarn! Now, knit!

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