Monday, January 12, 2009

New for the New Year

Pattern: Simplicity 4236
Fabric: some kind of cross between microfiber and very fine whale cord with a subtle pattern, plus rayon lining

For Christmas, my mom gave me a "gift certificate" for the materials for knitting or sewing project. I chose to make a skirt, since I have recently become slightly obsessed with dresses and skirts, and I can't find any I like is stores (particularly skirts). This skirt will be very warm with tights for the winter. It is fully lined, and I added a side pocket since I can barely go anywhere without my Burt's.

I ended up adding a extra seam up middle of the front and back. I didn't think to try on the skirt before putting in the zipper or the pocket, and it was quite big. A quick 5/8" seam down the front and back took care of the problem, and in this fabric is hardly noticeable.

It is very hard to tell in the picture, but the wall behind me has recently been painted "Quiet Waterfall" by Glidden. The color is exactly what I wanted - something quiet and muted but still present, and it does a good job of connecting some rather disparate color elements in my living and dining area.

It's going to be getting very cold around here, with highs in the single digits. Hopefully, I'll finish up some quick projects just in time for the cold snap!

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ithaca_chick said...

Very Cute! I am so not looking forward to the we're going even farther north into the Adirondacks to make it extra cold this weekend. Brrrr!