Tuesday, February 24, 2009


May I introduce my newest accessory? A brand new Selmer 67 Privlege bass clarinet. Actually I've had it for about a month and a half now, and I'm loving every minute of it. Except the part where one of the straps on the case broke on day 3. And the reeds, but what else is new? But all the rest is awesome. I'm taking my time thinking up a name. All of my clarinets have names, but it sometimes takes a while. When naming inanimate objects, the first hurdle is gender. This one is definitely male. Generally, something will just pop into my head and stick around. Or, nothing will and the thing will be named by default. My stuffed dog? His name is Puppy. And, no, it's not an adorable toddler thing. I was nine at the time.
So here's my question. (No, you do not get to name my bass. I don't love you all that much.) I'm thinking it's about time for some business cards.... graduating, stepping out in the real world, etc. If I get them from Moo, I can add my own pictures to one side. I have some nice pictures that I've taken of my various clarinets, and I'd probably take some others too, but is this photo too, well, sexy for a business card? There is a female form, and some bare skin, and you know how we classical musicians can be picky about these things. My other thought was of me in all black, legs planted, bass standing upright with my hands on top, like I'm staking out ground, but I'm worried about photographing black. You know, black clothes, black bass...
Plus, the truth is, I just wanted to wear my new dress (even though it's in the 20s still.) I tried it on for giggles at the Gap Outlet a few weeks back, because this style of dress usually does not fit or flatter, but surprise! Perfection. And it solves some serious wardrobe issues involving various wedding activities for the next 6 months.
Oh, and then, if you like the photo, which one is better? Top or bottom?

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ithaca_chick said...

First of all, I really love that dress. Something about the pattern and color is just right. Next, also look at gotprint.com for business cards. I'm not sure how their online templates work, but we've ordered lots of postcards etc from them for the Museum. Everything has always been great and super cheap. We've always designed in house and then uploaded the files. Which, if you want to do a custom design, I'm happy to help design something with the programs I have. As for pics, I'm not sure what to advise. Something a bit out of the usual might make you more memorable.