Friday, May 29, 2009


Can I call this a FO if there's only one?

Pattern: Toast by Leslie Friend
Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted, leftovers in stash
Needles: US 6 dpns
Time Elapsed: about 1.5 hours

I'm in prep mode for Aspen, and, as is not unusual when I start increasing my practice, my right arm hurts. Clarinetists balance the whole weight of the instrument (about 3 pounds) on the end of their thumb, and this stress combined with the kind of speed and technique that I am currently practicing, means that we often have troubles with our right arms. I always liked the styling on Toast, but didn't see myself knitting it because what was the point without the whole hand? Well, I've found out. Ballerinas use leg warmers, I use (an) armwarmer(s). Luckily, Sarah is coming to town this weekend (she's on her way right now!) which gives me an excellent excuse to rest and recover. I need to be 100% next week, since I will be not only doing my normal prep, but also playing in a Conducting Symposium here at the college which will provide me with a little cash (!) but will require 6 hours of playing a day for three days. Toast is just the thing for a tender arm.

I am planning on knitting the mate, but I probably should not be knitting just now....

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