Sunday, December 6, 2009

Meet Jann

Have I told you about Jann? I worked with Jann in the Aspen Music Festival Box Office the past two years. She fun and loud and a great person to work with. Since she's a local, she knows just about everything that's going on around town, and since she's worked in the hospitality industry, she also knows a lot of the concierges. I think I mentioned before, but aside from the first rush of the morning and right before a concert, there's not a lot to do in the box office when the phone is not ringing. I spent a lot of time browsing around Ravelry and Flickr and the like, and I showed Jann a picture of Tuppy Von Monster. She fell in love and insisted that I make a picture of him the background of the computer I regularly used, so even when I wasn't there, she could see him. She was so excited about him that she kept calling him Tuffy not Tuppy, and I could never correct her. I promised that I would make him for her, and I got her address. She probably thinks that I have forgotten about my promise, but I haven't.

Pattern: Tuppy Von Monster by Elli Stubenrauch
Yarn: The main color is Paton's Classic Wool in Winter White, the contrast colors are bits from the stash.
Needles: US 4
Mods: Just a few things to make my life easier - I didn't have any extra heavy stabilizer, so the teeth are made from white felt and the wings are very lightly stuffed with polyfill. I accidentally bought 12mm eyes instead of 15mm eyes, so those went on instead. I also mixed it up with the colors - instead of using B and C for the horns, I used what I liked instead.

"Tuffy" was pretty fun to make, and he's ever so cute. The body on mine seems to be more oblong than pear shaped like in the pattern, and his legs are decidedly splayed. He doesn't stand on his own, as it appears the pattern model does, but his sweet little smile makes up for it. I'll be sending him out tomorrow with a jar of raspberry jam and wishing Jann the very merriest of holidays, up there in America's winter wonderland.

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Kara said...

So cute! What a good friend you are.