Wednesday, February 24, 2010


This is where I was yesterday in the early evening. Yes, it looks remarkably like a fair isle blob, but it should be a sweater by the end of the week! My progress has been fast because I've not been getting many working days lately. Between Mid-Winter Break and snow days, it's been a bit sparse around here. Today it is snowing again. Well, it's coming down as snow, but it's hitting the ground more like rain, which means there's a solid two inches of slush on the ground.

I'm getting excited to finish the vest, but I'm dreaming of swirly flower printed skirts and flats.... That, and employing someone whose sole job is to make me bento boxes for lunch daily.


Kara said...

It is the loveliest blob I have seen.

shandy said...

The colours you have chosen just sing. I hope some work comes up soon.