Thursday, February 18, 2010

Behind the Scenes

I whipped these up a while back....

Stashbustin' 1
96 stitches on US7
Plymouth Encore (navy)
Patons Merino (cream)
Square decrease at the crown
The lice pattern occurs every fourth stitch with two rows between pattern rounds

Stashbustin' 2
96 stitches on US8
Plymouth Encore (both)
Regular crown decreases (something like k10, k2tog at the beginning maybe?)
The bottom two charts come from The Opinionated Knitter and the top was an invention of mine when it became obvious I wasn't going to have enough green to do the crown.
There's not actually as much difference in size between the two as you might imagine... The green and blue one has been gifted to my dad who will probably use it when out snowblowing. The neighbor who has often kindly done my parents' sidewalk is out with shoulder surgery so all those "freebies" are now being called in as my dad takes on their walk too. The other is hanging around my apartment. It's slightly smaller (probably a size large) and a bit shorter. More of a women's hat. Unfortunately, I don't much like to wear a beanie style hat. I have one in my closet and that's plenty for me. But they are great stashbusters. That's two random skeins (and a bit) down, and a few others in sockweight to go, but that's for next post!

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Kara said...

They are both really cute. You should wear beanies, they look great on you.