Friday, February 12, 2010


Have I ever said how much I love the Olympics? I do. I love them. I feel that the Olympics are all about bring nations together, to root for the underdog, to rejoice in accomplishments, even if everyone isn't a "winner." To me, a gold medal is less important than the story, and let me tell you, every single one of those athletes has a story. I'm so excited for the Winter Olympics, because I'm going to be around to see them. For the last few summer Olympics, I've been in places where I have not had access to a TV and so I've had to live on newspaper accounts, which, given the physical nature of sports in general, is no substitute.

So, this is also my first Knitting Olympics. I'm entered in the Nordic Colorwork Combined for Team Michigan over on Ravelry. My project? Eunny Jang's Ivy League Vest.

Of course, I can't just knit the pattern the way that it is written. It needs to be longer, for one. And I don't really like the V-neck. I find that a V-neck in a striped pattern tends to pull the stripes upward at the point of the neck whether or not you're the busty type (Take a look at the finished projects over on Rav. You'll see what I mean.) I don't really like this look, so I'm going to try change it to a U-neck shaping, much like my Double Time Vest. This is a little scary because I'm going to try steeking for the first time (the name says it all: EEK!), and it could be complicated. I'm using Knit Pick Palette for this, mostly because I found this super helpful chart for choosing colorways. The original colors are lovely, but do not fit in with my wardrobe. The only change I had to make is to change from Black to Asphalt, since Black was backordered. I'm looking forward to casting on tonight!

And, on a slightly different note, let me say Happy Blogiversary to me! Three years and counting! What better way to celebrate than to cast on for a project I've been thinking about for months?

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Kara said...

I do love this vest. So I can't wait to see your progress with it. Go, Meg, Go!

Aren't the olympics great?!