Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Progress Shot

Thar she goes!

Lots of knitting happening lately because of this thing they have introduced since I was in public school - Mid-Winter Break. I have to say though that the 3x1 corrugated ribbing was incredibly tedious. I knit Continental, and am not at all used to purling with my right hand. It seems so wasteful, that motion - throwing the yarn to the front of the needle, inserting the needle and purling the stitch, then throwing the yarn to the back again. I ended up purling with my left and knitting with my right, since this motion, while still wasteful, is at least do-able for me. Still, the ribbing took me three days and the rest of it (more than doubling the length) has taken a day and a half.

The colors are turning out more winter-y than I had hoped, but I'm still pretty excited about it!

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Kara said...

Looking good! You are in the fun part now!