Tuesday, March 20, 2007


Yeah, I'm crying. I chopped up some onions for dinner later tonight, and I'm still crying an hour later. Damn onions....

I'm also crying (inside) because I had to frog the bottom to Butterfly. After casting off, it became painfully obvious that although I was making gauge, the thing was about 10 inches bigger around than it was supposed to be. Why? I have no idea. Actually I do have a theory, and it's based on the problems that I have had both on Butterfly and on Rambling Rose. I'm guessing that no one bothers to check whether or not the directions for the larger sizes work. They work in theory, but the ones made for the photo shoots are invariably the smallest size. Who check to make sure that the larger sizes work? Um, that would be me, the person who is the larger size.

Anyway, I have cast on again for the bottom of Butterfly using the second smallest size, and I am consciously knitting tighter than I was before. Hopefully, this will work out in the end. It will be a couple more days before I can tell for sure.

In other news, mom's Trellis is coming along nicely. Still probably won't finish it by her b-day. But I am going to Chicago next weekend on the train, so it's very possible I'll get some intense quality knitting time. The thing about this scarf is that I tend to burn out after one repeat. Each repeat takes about forty-five minutes to an hour. So we'll just have to wait and see.

Here's a pic of mom's unfinished and un-blocked Trellis next to mine:

And a close up of the lovely lace pattern after blocking:

I like this pattern because neither my mom nor I are "flowery" kind of people, which lace tends to cater to. We like flowers when they're in the ground, or maybe a vase, but for the most part the angularity of the diamonds suits us. Plus it's such a lovely, light yarn. Perfect for accenting an outfit, or wearing with a denim jacket in the fall or spring. Oh, Trellis, I heart thee....

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