Monday, April 2, 2007

Chicago Minibreak

Well, I have returned from the Windy City refreshed and relaxed, with pitifully few pictures to show you. I'm not used to taking a lot of pictures, which I always regret. It's a vicious cycle that I am working on breaking. So I will share what little I have.

This is a view from Millenium Park facing the Michigan Ave. skyline. You can see that lump of polished stainless steele slightly to the right of middle. That's the Bean, or the Cloudscape, depending on whether or not you are the residents of Chicago or the artist.

This is also Millenuim Park. This is the coolest ampitheater I have ever seen. It opens up when it's not the end of March, and they have concerts there. You can sort of see this at the top, but it looks like the music is literally blowing open the front and the steel is peeling back. Behind it is an underground theater specifically designed for chamber music. They take their music seriously in this town. So why am I not living there, again?

I went to see the Chicago Symphony and saw one of my musical idols Hilary Hahn. The whole concert was amazing, starting the the overture to the Flying Dutchman moving through the Goldmark violin concerto, and ending with Tchaikovsky's Symphony no. 6. Plus I got my CD signed Hilary.

I went to the Shedd Aquarium, which was super cool. I didn't take any pics, unfortunately. I say Pacifc White-Sided Dolphins, Belgua whales, sea otters, sea horses, penguings, live coral, and hundreds of fish. My favorite was a sea horse called a Weedy Sea Dragon. Here's a link to some pictures, but the pics don't really do this cool animal justice.

Another favorite of this trip was visiting my cousin out in Glen Ellyn, a short Metra ride away. Got to see his apartment, and we had dinner at the most amazing restaurant, Mykha. It's technically Vietnamese food (which I'd never had before, but has become my favorite) but there's some Mexican flavor thrown in. And the presentation! Here's my (slightly overexposed) dinner. Note how my salad looks like a tropical bouquet.

And it tasted just as good as it looked.

In knitting news, I have only 4 1/2 repeats plus the ending border left on mom's Trellis. Still probably not going to finish by Wednesday, but I should have it done by Saturday, which is the big family party. The Ballet Camisole is started, and Ms. Marigold, sadly, has been frogged. I finished the body only to have my fears realized. It was too small. I wondered as I saw how tight it was on my 32" needles. I have cast on again for the one that's 2 sizes up. The difference in sizes is a matter of stitches, so I don't know that it will be significantly larger. I'm making gauge, so the whole thing is a mystery to me. I'm going to have to do some modifications on the armholes and the depth of the V too, in order for it to (hopefully) fit. We'll see

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