Monday, January 28, 2008


This is the second time I've written this post today, and I can't remember what I wrote before. Apparently, Blogger had a little nap. I hope it's rested.

So. Seat of the Pants Cardi, finished, blocked, awaiting buttons tonight. The buttons are the coolest part of this very classic cardi. They're buttery yellow and brown swirls, and I loves them.
The EZ shirt yoke is coming along. I'm completely unconcerned about finishing this or the progress I've made. I'm just letting it go... knitting along when I feel like it.

This is the hat for my brother. After I finally got my hands on a US6 16-inch circular, I managed to knock all that out last night. I really want to get this done soon, so this is my main project aside from sewing on the buttons to my cardi tonight. The outside is going to be plain jane - just one stripe in the middle. The inside is going to have some color work to keep me interested. This yarn (unknown hemp/wool blend) will really benefit from a double layer. It is very stiff and coarse with lots of vegetable matter, and I hate it, but it's what he wanted. So. Double layers to hopefully keep out some of the cold and a good soaking and blocking to try and soften it up.

Real FO shots of the SoP cardi later this week?

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