Saturday, February 16, 2008


I really miss being outside in the winter time. I love to hike and camp and do all that outdoorsy stuff, and I've always wanted to learn how to cross country ski and snowshoe, but I've never met anyone who knew how and could teach me. Most people I know do not share my passion for the outdoors. It's funny, then, that I've made a friend who is not only a clarinet player, but also a beginning knitter and an outdoor freak. Today, she taught me how to cross country ski. Note the snow on my pants. Yes, friends, I ate my fair share of snow but I have to give the sport a big thumbs up. Provided there's snow, I'll be out again next weekend.
The thing about falling in skis is that it doesn't hurt to fall. It hurts to get up. I need to look up some strategies for getting up with skis on for the next time that doesn't involve me essentially standing on my ankle. My friend says that I did really good, and didn't fall nearly as much as she did her first time, but I say I fell quite enough, thank you very much. Now I feel the urge for hot chocolate coming on....

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