Monday, February 18, 2008

Project Spectrum

I decided to join in on Project Spectrum this time. I really liked the idea of basing the colors on the elements - so much freedom while still being contained.

I've been sort of wracking my brain trying to think up things to do for it. I mean, I love the colors for Fire, which is the first element, and in spite of recently purchasing a box full of yarn in fire colors (orange, yellow, pinky-red) I wasn't inspired. I couldn't think of one thing I wanted, really wanted to make with that yarn. And then there was the whole matter of the ATC swap, which I signed up for. I've never made an ATC before, and I really wasn't at all sure I was going to have the time for it, but I decided that you have time if you make time. So I'm making time.

This weekend I went to a local big box store for inspiration. I had some ideas of projects I wanted to do (both for PS and not) but I wanted to see what was available and what it was going to cost. And there was no inspiration there either. Not to mention it was an experience I am not anxious to repeat. The customers were rude (such as cutting in line) and the employees were clueless (inhibiting the customers' ability to purchase things, closing a cash register the second I got to the front of the line, and forcing the customers to move out of the employees' way not the other way around). And the store didn't have any of the things I was looking for, though I did stumble on a fire theme for my ATCs, but that was all me, not them. Oh, and down the clearance aisle I found four balls of Patons Classic Merino in a beautiful, firey red.
You can't go wrong with 100% wool at $2.00 a ball. It's not enough for a sweater, but paired with some black yarn left over from my Dollar and a Half Cardigan, it will be perfect. I'm thinking a seamless yoke EZ sweater with some sort of striped pattern on the yoke, maybe a bit of stranding. We'll see how it goes. This is the first sweater I've been truly excited about for a while now. And I love the rich red-orange color.

P.S. - "... a few italics really do relieve your feelings." -- Anne of Windy Poplars by L.M. Montgomery.

She's right, you know.

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Kristy said...

That looks like a great start for a sweater! That Patons Merino is pretty nice stuff-- and so cheap!