Saturday, February 23, 2008

Making the Hard Decisions

So I decided against the black yarn. The contrast between the black and the brick-y red-orange was just too great. Originally I had thought to use the rest of the olive Patons Classic Merino left over from the Aran Accent Vest. That project seriously over estimated yardage. I think I bought six balls and I had two and a half left over. But the thing about the olive is that I didn't want it the sweater to have a Christmas vibe, you know red and green. I swatched and decided to risk it. Luckily, the olive is a very changeable color - sometimes looking very green and sometimes very brown - and the contrast is not so high with the red. It's exactly what I wanted. The sweater makes me think of cottages in the woods, hikes in the fall, and snuggly sofas that are so old you nearly sink to the floor in them.

I'm hoping against hope that this works out the way I want. I don't have much good luck with things I "design" myself. I think it might break me if I had to frog it. The blue shirt yoke ran into a snag. Namely, that I put the sleeves on crooked and got to within one night's knitting of finishing before I discovered it. Frogged to the underarms. It's now sitting in time out until I can look at it again. I tried it on before frogging, and it was obvious that the yoke was going to be too deep, so it's probably all for the best. I may opt for the saddle shoulder treatment this time, since it will be more shapely and customizable.

P. S. - Holy WOW does my apartment smell FANTASTIC. I'm baking No Knead Bread again. It turns out that in spite of my fantastic results last time, I misread the recipe, so I hope it's equally good this time.

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