Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well, I haven't got any moors.....

.... but I'm pretty good at wandering.

Pattern: Wandering the Moor by Celeste Glassesl
Yarn: 3 skeins Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Buckwheat
Needles: US 5
Mods: I added one extra pattern repeat to the small size on each side of the shawl - two total - in an effort to use up every last bit of this yarn that has been lying around here for a year now.

You might want to get used to looking at this yarn. It will feature in a design of mine in a few weeks here, and if you recall, it is the same yarn as I used for my dad's Very Classy Vest about this time last year. I grossly overestimated the amount of yarn needed for his vest and have had a ton of it hanging around. Since I'm on a bit of a yarn diet, I'm making use of what I have. You will also be seeing another new design of mine with this "making use of what I have" idea in a few more weeks.

I think I got bit by the shawl bug after I finished the Box Office Shawl. I actually wore it, much to my surprise, though sadly not in the "date night" situation I was imagining. It's a great little thing to have around to throw on when you're a bit chilly but not cold enough to get another sweater. And it's good to take along substitute teaching because you can never be sure what the temperature of a classroom is going to be and it folds up to practically nothing. It's only as warm as you need it to be. This new shawl will get added to my arsenal. It's heavier, and therefore warmer, but the color is versatile and I like the geometric lace on the edging. The pattern is well written with lots of tips for customization. The only thing is, in a twist of irony, I wish I had more yarn, because I would have like for it to be bigger!

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