Wednesday, November 11, 2009


I saw a picture of this a few days ago, and became immediately obsessed. I wanted one, I needed one. I had some yarn which (miracle) knits up to gauge which I had ripped from another project and tagged for a self-made design but I couldn't get this vest out of my head. Today, after running errands for a few hours and dealing with stupid people, and an overly full bladder, I put off the rest of my to-do list and sat for a bit, watched an episode of Grey's Anatomy, and cast on. I'm going down a needle size from gauge, because I want something a in between two sizes, and with this yarn which is a silk blend, I think a bit more stability would be a good thing.

I have other things I should be knitting, but I don't respond well to should. I'm leaving tomorrow for an audition in West Virginia, and I'm going to be passing through my aunt and uncle's in Kentucky on my way back. I'm bringing my Embossed Leaves socks and a pair of Thick Woodsman's Socks for my aunt and uncle. The Embossed Leaves socks don't fit me very well. That's what I get for not checking gauge, however my aunt has very wide feet, so hopefully they will suit her. The Woodsman's Socks will use up the last of that same green on green yarn that's been hanging around for far too long, and although they are a very quick knit (socks on US8 anyone?) I would rather be knitting my plain and simple pullover. I'd rather be knitting my plain and simple pullover than doing just about anything right now, and that includes packing.

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